Like many of you, we were pressured into buying a timeshare in Hawaii. It's paid for but we have to continue to pay maintenance fees. We just want out!!! What can we do to get out of this? If we just stop paying what is the worst that can happen? We don't even use it!! I regret buying it!! What a waste of money! Is there a business that buys out timeshares?

AND on top of maintenance fees, you have to sign up and pay fees for interval International if you want to bank or use your week.

Any advice, options, information will be appreciated.

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What island is your property located on? I have a TS in Maui every other year and I love it, in fact going this week for 7 days.

Wednesday-Wednesday. We just pay the maintenance fees and taxes an book soon after so we can get the week we want.

Pay early and book early is the key to getting the week that you want. You can email Ken, microslim@bellsouth.net and we can discuss your TS.

to Anonymous Novato, California, United States #1223800

Would you be interested in another every other year time share in Maui? @ Kahana Beach




try weholi.com

you can rent out your week to anyone if you don't wanna use it and cover at least your maintenance fees. worked for me.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1104860

I'm in the same boat. Got suckered in and used the savings for our wedding after being told we could use vouchers to pay for hotel and flight.

Did not happen, not even a room available for our dates. I pay for Interval to keep my week (every other year) and pay more if I need to extend it, then pay for the actual usage of the exchange.. An extra $400 just to use a week I've already paid thousands on. Hands down, the worst decision I've EVER made in my life.

Anyhoo.. I heard about timeshareexitteam.com on the radio. I'm not sure where you're located, but most of the process has been done through email. Just my initial consult was done in person, but all paperwork was from my computer.

Pricing depends on your balance and such so no clue for you since you say it's paid off. It cost me the same amount of my balance of the mortgage left, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I've been working with them for about 3 months and this week my next payment due is showing zero.

There are still more legal procedures before we're done, but it will be done soon so I don't have to worry about my POS timeshare. Good luck!!

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